Song chairs


about the series

Elegant and contemporary and cool mesh back with integrated lumbar support for optimum ergonomic comfort; Song is a task chair designed to keep you in tune with your work space. This elegant task chair has superior ergonomic features with superior comfort seat foam cushion designed to enhance circulation with waterfall front seat edge. It also features independent synchronized movement of the seat and back (easy to adjust to your liking)  supporting your body’s  movement. Song is height adjustable and offers a fully integrated, fixed height, elegant loop arm rest worth showing off as you swirl 360 degrees with ease. Song also offers the option of a high back, with cool air mesh headrest. This headrest is also height adjustable to  your body’s needs. Finally, the easy glide casters are suitable for your carpet or hard floor. So be cool, be supported and let us help you soar with Song.

series highlights

  • Song features a mesh backrest and optional headrest for cool comfort for your body.
  • Available in mid or high back versions.
  • Mesh is available in multiple color options.
  • Fully integrated adjustable lumbar support.
  • Fully integrated loop arm available in black or white, matching framwork.
  • Interactive Syncro ergonomic control to promote your body’s movement.
  • Key ergonomic adjustments guarantee correct access to height for your work surface, and tension adjustment for back movement.
  • Base is always in a gorgeous and durable chrome finish.
  • Easy glide casters are suitable for hardwood or carpeted floors
  • Weight rated for up to 300 lb.

copper-infused mesh

The Song mesh-back chairs with upholstered seats offer copper-infused mesh options in natural copper or black. During its development, the copper is infused directly into the mesh which ensures it doesn’t rub off like topically applied applications.

Features of copper-infused mesh are:

  • Naturally biocidal (kills harmful microorganisms).
  • Naturally antiviral.
  • Naturally antifungal.
  • Naturally antibacterial.
  • Naturally anti-odor.
  • Naturally self-sanitizing.
  • Bleach-cleanable.
  • Zero harmful additives.
  • Patent-pending.
  • Approved for use in healthcare environments.

statement of line


Mid mesh back, upholstered seat.


High mesh back, upholstered seat.


frame finishes

solid mesh & upholstery colors


Black mesh with matching black upholstered seat.


Grey mesh with matching grey upholstered seat.


Blue mesh with matching blue upholstered seat.


Red mesh with matching red upholstered seat.

  • mesh colors


    Black mesh.


    Grey mesh.


    Blue mesh.


    Red mesh.

  • seat upholstery colors


    Black seat upholstery paired with black mesh.


    Grey seat upholstery paired with grey mesh.


    Blue seat upholstery paired with blue mesh.


    Red seat upholstery paired with red mesh.

copper-infused mesh & vinyl colors





Fixed arm.

adjustable lumbar


Integrated adjustable lumbar allows user to reposition the lumbar support vertically.

bases & casters


Polished aluminum 5-star base with black carpet casters.


mid back

  • Mid back chair. #S140
    A. Overall height. B. Seat height. C. Seat width. D. Backrest width. E. Backrest height. F. Overall depth. G. Seat depth.

    A.  37.3″ – 40.5″
    B.  16.3″ – 19.5″
    C.  19.7″
    D.  17.3″
    E.  22.3″
    F.   27.5″
    G.  17.2″

high back

  • High back chair. #S145
    A. Overall height. B. Seat height. C. Seat width. D. Backrest width. E. Backrest height. F. Overall depth. G. Seat depth.

    A. 43.0″ – 49.1″
    B.  16.3″ – 19.5″
    C.  19.7″
    D.  17.3″
    E.  22.3″
    F.   27.5″
    G.  17.2″

arm drawings

  • Song fixed arms.
    J. Armrest length. K. Armrest height. L. Armrest width. M. Width between armrests.

    J.  8.0″
    K.  6.4″
    L.  23.3″
    M.  19.0″



Sinfonia Song brochure. pdf (1.93 MB)


Sinfonia Song care guide. pdf (89.71 KB)


Sinfonia Song S140 - S145 assembly instructions. pdf (832.67 KB)


Sinfonia Song S1C control user guide. pdf (440.52 KB)